T minus one week

Hola & Bienvenidos!

I’m currently sitting at home, watching reality tv with my mom and sister. One week from now I’ll be halfway to Panama to start my training as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV). I will be teaching English for the next two years in a high school. I won’t know where exactly I will be working until after training, which will last about 2-3 months. I asked to be placed in an indigenous community where I would be required to learn the dialect, but we’ll see how things go.

When I told family and friends I was joining the Peace Corps I got a couple of responses.

“Awesome! How exciting!” “How long will you be gone for?” “But why? Aren’t you scared?” “I didn’t know you wanted to be a teacher.”

I first learned about the Peace Corps in high school, and I always kept it in the back of my mind. The idea of committing to working and living abroad, and learning about a completely different culture for two years absolutely fascinated me. Fast forward to my senior year in college, I attended a career fair last February where I was presented with two career opportunities. One being the Peace Corps, and the other being the position of criminal investigator for the Public Defender Service in Washington D.C. As luck would have it, I was accepted into both programs and after completing my internship in D.C., I came back home to spend time with family before leaving for my service. My time spent in D.C. was very meaningful to me because I plan on pursuing a career in the legal field. I never saw myself becoming a teacher, but I enjoyed working and teaching other students throughout college, and I hope I can make a positive impact in the lives of my future students.

I don’t think it has quite hit me yet. I went out for Taco Tuesday today with a friend, and when she asked me about whether I’m packed and ready to go, it still felt like it was something waaay off in the future, which is SO not the case. I guess I am just happy to spend time with my loved ones. For now I think I’ll just focus on not overpacking and enjoying this unexpected California heat.

P.S. Shoutout to my boyfriend for coming up with this genius domain, Panamaestra! (wink emoji)


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