Un Halloween Comarqueño


Hi friends!

This is going to be a shorter than usual post, but I really wanted to share a couple of vlogs and Halloween pictures from my little party on Sunday. La fiestesita went great! I invited about 12 children from my immediate neighborhood to my house for arts and crafts, games and candy. A handful got dressed up, and for the ones without costumes we quickly drew some whiskers and created some cat or bunny ears to fit the occasion. I made Toby’s and my own costume a few weeks ago, and since then Lily has been trying to guess what it was 🙂 I was a football player because #merica and Toby was an orange little football. The tape I put on him as part of his costume stayed on about as long as I expected aka 10 minutes. Good thing we got some pictures taken just in time!

Spot the horse

my walk back home from school

Trips to David for Halloween candy and McDonalds are always a good idea 🙂

the pretty lighting in my house one afternoon
The first activity we did was drawing. I found this really cool idea on Pinterest, where kids could trace either their hand or foot, to draw vampires and witches. What made the activity even more fun was that the kids would use paint for the entire figure, and then just color in extra details. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find paint before the party so we just used crayons. The kids chose the winner of the drawings by cheering for the pictures they liked, and I was really happy with their good sportsmanship when someone else won. Then we played “Stick the Spider on the Web,” and it was hilarious! Afterwards, we played Hallowingo Bingo, and I used that opportunity to teach the kids some English terms, such as haunted house, cauldron, and witch’s broom. You know, words they’re probably going to use on a daily basis year around. Hehe, I’m kidding. Lastly, I had the kids learn the trick or treat song, and as a little treat for you all I’m attaching the video of the kiddies singing. Enjoy!!


Jamie the little cat

my actual fear, bats that size

Jose the mummy and Eileen the kitty cat

Abby the bunny, David the scary monster, Juan the monkey, and Lily la bruja!

Alberto aka chinano la momia 

bingo anyone? 🙂

Chicano’s serious game face is essential when the candy stakes are so high

Arnold & Laura 🙂

Pega la Araña & some wonderful Halloween drawings 🙂
Lastly, I’m also including some pictures from my English class. I’ve had a consistent 10 students and we’ll be finishing up in a week. Yaaaaay English 🙂


Halloween Linguini:

What 4 months in site looks like:

My last few weeks living with a host family:


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